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UWin Account

Your UWin Account is your personal digital identification for accessing a number of on-line services at the University of Windsor. A valid and active UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using any of the IT systems and services.

The UWin account has two components:

  • UWin ID (also known as userid, login or user name)
  • UWin password.
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小莹的乳液计全文阅读 UWin ID is a string that uniquely identifies you on our network. It appears on the front of the "@" sign in your University of Windsor's primary e-mail address ( and it is being used as login name for most University computer systems. Some systems however, such as Office 365, require entire primary e-mail address to be entered as login name (i.e.

*Note: some UWindsor email addresses contain an alias, usually in the form This masks the actual UWin ID and can not be used in its place to access authentication systems.

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